Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Module 2 – Chat Rooms/Newsgroups

Chat Room/Newsgroups

Website 1: http://www.netalert.net.au/default.asp

Annotation: The ‘Australian Government Net Alert Limited’ website is a great resource website for all Internet users. It provides advice and outlines that are involved with using the Internet.

The website gives a thorough insight and advice to users about ‘Chatting Online’. It explains all about chat rooms and gives advice to children and parents on how to look for dangers in chat rooms. It also provides links to report Internet crimes and offensive websites to the appropriate authorities.

The website is very relevant because it also provides links and articles to ‘newsgroups’. It provides a simple explanation on what newsgroups are and information on the dangers of joining newsgroups. There are also links to newsgroups.

The main aim of the website is to teach people how to use the Internet safely. It identifies the dangers to look for and how to avoid the pitfalls when using the Internet. It also provides solutions and reporting facilities to make Internet users feel secure in the knowledge that they can report fraudulent activities to someone that will take action.

The ‘Australian Government Net Alert Limited’ is always current (last update was on 3rd January, 2007) and is set up by the federal Australian government. This guarantees the contents are relevant and genuine.

Summary & Evaluation: I think that this website should be an important bookmark for all Internet users as a reference source. There are other important links on the homepage (besides chat rooms/newsgroups) that are very helpful. There are also links suited for age groups and various demographics.

Reference: NetAlert Limited, (last modified on Monday, 1 November 2004.). What is a Chat Room?. Retrieved January 05, 2007, from Australian Government Net Alert Limited Web site: http://www.netalert.net.au/01464-What-is-a-chat-room.asp

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