Thursday, 25 January 2007

Module 3 – Web Standards

Web Standards & the Information Professional

Website 2:

Annotation: The ‘Motive Web Design Glossary’ page on ‘Web Standards (approach)’ is a very detailed bank of information and links that explains anything that anyone needs to get a website or web page up to the W3C standards.

The website defines, provides a checklist, lists specifications, gives a history and provides further reading links about web standards.

This website is a great source of resource for all NET11 students, especially for module 4 (Web Standards).

The websites main concept is to provide usable content that is easy to seek, read, understand and use on the topic of ‘web standards’. It does this by providing direct links to W3C specifications for specific topics. It also provides definitions of specific words that students may need to understand (for example ‘elements’ and ‘web browser’)

One of the many strengths of this website is that it provides relevant further links to other pages and websites on the topic of ‘web standards’.

Summary and evaluation: It is important to design websites that can be viewed by as many people as possible on all the web browsers. This website provides the resources and understanding that is needed for any website designer to design a website that complies to the W3C specifications.

This is a New Zealand based website which is managed my Motive (Ltd). It was established in 1999. The contents of the page were updated on the 14th of September 2006, which makes it current and relevant. The designers of this website have done so with the philosophy of ‘informing, educating and entertaining’ the users, which they have done very well!

Reference: Kirkwood, Andy (1999). Web Standards (approach). Retrieved January 11, 2007, from Motive Net Communication With Intent Web site:

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