Monday, 15 January 2007

Module 1 - Internet Basics

Internet Basics

Website 2:

Annotation: This is a great tutorial website for Internet users of all levels who want to learn about the intricate way that the Internet works. One of the best things about this website is the way that it is set up for navigation. It lists all the topics in a 'table' format which is easy to read and use.

Clicking or choosing a topic in the list takes the user into a detailed explanation about the topic. There is a basic explanation about the topic on top of the page which can be used as a quick reference.

A lot of the topics also have a basic ‘question’ and ‘answer’ list which may help a lot of people.

There is also a tutorial page link at the bottom of the page which is very useful for HTML explanations and tasks (which we cover in Module 3)

The master host of this website is the US Department of Education which was established in 1980.

The main aim of this website is to provide a simple and easy to read guide of the complex workings of the Internet. It lists the components that make the Internet work (hardware and software) and provides explanations and diagrams which the reader can decipher quite easily. (For example, 'gateway/router/TCP/IP')

Summary and Evaluation: I think that this website can be used for any part of NET11 because of the vast list of topics that it covers. There are further links to free software on some of the topics from the main list.

Reference: TRIO, (Last Modified: 01/31/05). Internet Basics 101. Retrieved January 2, 2007, Web site:

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