Thursday, 25 January 2007

Module 4 – Tools for using the Web


Website 1:

Annotation: The ‘Mozilla’ website is great for add-ons for the ‘Mozilla Firefox’ web browser. There are many add-ons that are recommended by the web browser that makes surfing the web easy and a lot of fun.

There are add-ons and extensions that web surfers can use to suit many purposes. Personally, I use the ‘Blue Organiser’ to store my bookmarks and the ‘Jet Eye’ to view web pages.

This website is a great tool for the NET11 students for some of the Module 4 tasks on ‘tools for using the web’.

The ‘Mozilla’ website is easy to navigate with detailed information and descriptions on the software that it provides for downloads. A lot of the software it provides is also small in byte size which makes it possible for ‘dial-up’ connections to use as well.

There are also links to a list of ‘search engines’ and ‘plug-ins’ which students need for NET11.

There is also a list of ‘extensions’ that can further enhance the web browser for greater usability and efficiency.

Mozilla’ also offers e-mail software called ‘Thunderbird’ as a free download with ‘spam’ and ‘junk e-mail’ filters.

Summary and evaluation: Mozilla’ provides its users with a vast amount of resources to make using the ‘web’ fun and efficient. It provides users a choice of themes that can make the web browser look unique. This website can be stored as a resource even if the Internet users use another web browser because of the links that it provides to the ‘search engines’ and ‘plug-ins’.

Reference: Mozilla Corporation, (Copyright © 2005–2007 Mozilla). FireFox Add-ons. Retrieved January, 2004, from Mozilla Products Web site:

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