Thursday, 25 January 2007

Module 3 - HTML


Website 1:

Annotation: The ‘’ is a very useful website for learning about how to mark up web page’s / websites.

The ‘HTML Tutorials’ section of the website is easy to navigate due to its simple set out. One of the main reasons why I like this website is because of its breakdown on different levels of HTML coding tutorials. It is set up in easy step by step lessons for the novice HTML learner.

It is a relevant website because the HTML lessons will help the students complete the Module 3 – HTML task.

The concept that this website uses is to presume that the person using the tutorial knows absolutely NOTHING about HTML. This can be seen in the ‘Beginners Web Site Creating Guide’ section of the web page. It goes through the very basics of web page creation. The creators of this website have really thought about how to teach the lessons in a simplistic way so that anyone interested in website creation will be able to follow the tutorials with ease. I used this website as a reference tool for my NED11 subject.

There is also more advanced and complex HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP etc lessons on this website.

Summary and evaluation:The HTML coding is a major part of the ‘Internet Studies’ course. It is very important that students learn the basics of HTML. They require it to upload files and folders into the ‘Student Presentations’ area of the NET11 course. This website can be used as a resource for students and anyone else interested in web page design.

Reference: Erack Network, (2003-2006). Tizag Tutorials. Retrieved August 4, 2006, from Web site:

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