Thursday, 25 January 2007

Module 4: Evaluating The Web

Internet Detective

Website 2:

Annotation: I found this website as a great resource and tutorial as a student doing an Internet interactive course.

This website provides advice to any student who searches for information on the Internet to study. It gives guidelines on how to search, evaluate and validate and use material found on the Internet.

There are many concepts that this website illustrates and covers in detail. Firstly, it guides students on the skills required to do Internet search. Secondly, it explains how to search for quality information. Once information is found, it advises students on how to evaluate the validity and source of the information.

The Brief’ link summaries what this website is about.

The ‘Get On The Case’ section is an interactive tutorial and advise which every student (NET11 and other students) should try. It is user friendly and easy to navigate and teaches valuable lessons on what to look for when searching the ‘web’ for information.

The ‘Keep the Right Side of the Law’ explains about plagiarism and the consequences of it.

There is also a ‘For Tutors’ section which provides quiz downloads, pictures and publications.

This website was developed in the United Kingdom by Emma Place and Margret Keldell to “benefit the higher and further education community in the UK. It may be freely used for non-commercial academic and research purposes in the UK and elsewhere.” Ref - Internet Detective: Wise up to the Web. It was launched in June 2006 and is current with relevant and up to date information.

Reference: Place, E., Kendall, M., Hiom, D., Booth, H., Ayres, P., Manuel, A., Smith, P. (2006) "Internet Detective: Wise up to the Web", 3rd edition, Intute Virtual Training Suite, [online]. Available from:


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